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The M13/P&G Ventures partnership forms a complete roadmap to success for entrepreneurs in the CPG space


As an entrepreneur, you know that having an idea is a great start, but that’s only the beginning. Like a spark that needs kindling to turn into a fire, an idea needs ample support and infrastructure to turn into something with real energy.

At P&G Ventures, we have a lot of resources to help with that. With over 180 years of experience in creating and delivering products that consumers love, we have our own ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into successful reality. But we also recognize when a partnership can help bring even more support to entrepreneurs.

One such partnership is M13, a full-service venture firm based in California. With a track record of helping incubate and develop new products and services, M13 knows all about giving entrepreneurs precisely what they need. They have an impressive portfolio of partner companies, including Ring, Thrive Market, and Snapchat. 

Kindra founder Catherine Balsam-Schwaber saw this first-hand, as M13 and P&G Ventures helped her fledgling company take flight. Entrepreneurs have millions of ideas but often have trouble getting them into the air. With the M13/P&G Ventures partnership, it’s already off the ground. If you’re passionate about the category you’re in and believe in the product, this partnership is the best way to get into the startup world with the most chance of succeeding.

Speed and stability: a perfect pair

We partnered with M13 because we saw their agile approach, unique playbook, and robust network as a perfect resource for helping entrepreneurs thrive. Their pillars mirror how we’ve seen our own brands succeed, so we were eager to join them and see how they could help P&G Ventures’ entrepreneurs get the same sort of proven results.

Emphasis on crafting and developing the right founding teams, as believers in the vital role of founders and obsessed with ensuring their success.

Utilizing M13’s network access and proprietary playbook, which arms incubated companies with incredible advantages and the capabilities to make better day-to-day decisions.

Experimentation and learning, creating agile teams to consistently test, learn, and adapt operating models to changing consumer preferences and new technologies.

M13 also has special programs that meet entrepreneurs where they are. For young companies who have a great idea but aren’t sure how to break into the market, M13 has an approach that identifies where there might be an opening, how to prepare to scale, and what partners can give them the advantages they need to thrive.

For entrepreneurs who are still exploring their ideas, M13’s Founder-in-Resident program gives them a space to explore ideas, figure out which ones have the most value, and validate products before getting too far down the road. Whereas most entrepreneurs do this experimenting and testing on their own, M13 gives them expert support from people who’ve been there before.

Anything is possible

As for us, we bring our extensive experience and resources to a broad range of verticals. We want to support entrepreneurs who are building something in areas that we’ve identified are ripe for growth.

Non-Toxic Home and Garden. We’re looking for safe, effective, industry-leading technologies that control insects in the home and on plants.

Active Aging—Women. We’re looking for solutions that address challenges ranging from menopause symptoms to migraines, from UTIs to yeast infections, from painful sex to stress incontinence—so women can live active, vibrant lives.

Active Aging—Men. We’re looking for solutions to age-related challenges such as incontinence, mobility challenges, and sexual dysfunction—to help men age with vitality and live their fullest lives.

Healthy Skin. We’re looking for new technologies to help consumers keep their skin looking, feeling, and functioning at its best, especially in addressing acne, sun protection, hyperpigmentation, eczema, and psoriasis.

Personal Performance. We’re looking to help consumers live healthy, confident lives by creating products that aid in breathing, stress resistance, focus, and cognitive health.

Balanced Protection. We’re looking for products that help consumers successfully rid their homes of “bad” bacteria—especially clothing, carpet, and upholstery—without overcleaning or getting rid of “good” bacteria.

Food Preservation & Waste Reduction. We’re looking to reduce the 30-40% existing food waste and save consumers time and money with new technologies that keep food fresher for longer.

Daily Wellness. We’re looking for health solutions to help consumers maximize their “wellspan” and live their best lives.

Go-Anywhere Clean. We’re looking for products that offer on-the-go protection against harmful bacteria. To help consumers maintain a clean and safe environment, no matter where they go.

Helping Parents. We’re looking for solutions to support parents and children ages 0–5 to help them raise healthy, resilient children during this critical stage.

Emerging Frontiers. We’re looking for new ideas outside of existing and previous P&G markets—particularly products that preserve valuable items, make users’ homes more healing and nurturing, or make their homes and communities smarter, more efficient, and more resilient.

The Kindra Story

One specific success story comes from the Active Aging category. Founder Catherine Balsam-Schwaber wanted to create a superior product for women and change conversations about menopause, which is exactly the sort of bold vision we love! We were eager to help her, and once she went through our preliminary process, we brought in M13.

First, our partnership with M13 helped educate her on the challenges that she may not have anticipated as a new startup. “There’s a lot of newness. M13 has really helped educate and prepare me. They can help me see around corners.” For key things like raising money, scaling at speed, and getting to market, M13 was able to accelerate her vision and make things happen.

The P&G Ventures/M13 partnership helps with growing a company internally too. As Balsam-Schwaber said, “One additional benefit of this relationship is the ability to recruit additional people/team members. These companies get great visibility, so people get a great level of comfort in joining these businesses. Relationships with P&G and M13 drive a lot of confidence that you can really get something going quickly and that you have enough funding to build a pretty robust plan.”

After M13 was able to help lay the groundwork for Kindra’s success, P&G Ventures was there to start plotting the path into the future. In this case, the opportunity for Kindra was bringing them into the P&G family of brands. Essentially, once the business had a solid foundation, P&G was there to build into the future.

Since Kindra was already working inside the M13/P&G Ventures partnership, Balsam-Schwaber had freedom from worrying about who might take over the company. There was no need to fret about this-or-that scenarios, which meant she could focus on the present, knowing that the future was already in solid hands.

All in all, the M13/P&G Ventures partnership forms a complete roadmap for entrepreneurs in the CPG space. With the M13 incubator framework and P&G Ventures’ extensive network of resources, this partnership can allow startups to grow rapidly while also tapping into the invaluable infrastructure of an established enterprise.

Do you have a great idea? Do you see the value of a unique partnership like M13 and P&G Ventures? Check us out!

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