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How P&G and Ernst & Young experts help CPG entrepreneurs navigate supply chain and manufacturing


Some aspects of starting up your business are exciting for entrepreneurs like you. Like the thrill of developing your idea, working to improve it, and ultimately seeing people benefiting from it. 

However, you may have less experience in other aspects and find them more challenging, like the logistics of going from raw materials to finished products in the hands of your consumer. The end-to-end supply chain is the essential process of making your startup a growing business. If no one will make your product and source the materials, no one will ever hold your product.

That’s why at P&G Ventures, we have our own extensive resources and partnerships to ensure success with things like operations, supply chain, and other foundational elements that are essential for turning your great vision into a thriving enterprise.

We’ve built on this expertise and taken to another level with our key partnership with Ernst & Young. In the past ten years, we’ve seen that partnering with another leader in the space can benefit P&G’s partners. By combining our approaches, we can help entrepreneurs and startups have operational excellence without building it all themselves all so that your startup can survive and thrive. That’s even more crucial given the current uncertainties in the global supply chain.

A logical logistical alliance

EY was a very sensible partner for us. P&G has two main ways that it tries to optimize manufacturing and supply chain. First, Integrated Work Systems (IWS), a proprietary approach that strives to improve reliability, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Second, Supply Network Operations (SNO), a set of tools and systems that creates an integrated supply chain, delivering a unified approach from supplier to customer that simplifies and streamlines planning, warehousing, logistics, and customer service.

With EY, we combine our IWS and SNO capabilities with their experience and expertise in implementing systems and improving performance in these areas. This results in both of us having extended supply chain advantages. Our partnership has already resulted in the creation of 400 smart factories, saving over $15B in unnecessary costs. And even more exciting is the ability of these smart factories to drive sustainable performance for new breakthroughs.

Equally exciting is that our alliance has enabled us to accelerate your journey to excellence, which is critical with the increased market variability and supply chain uncertainty. Together, this helps us support your unique needs, no matter what vertical you may be targeting or what sort of audience you’re hoping to serve.

Ultimately, our goal is to make sure that you have an agile and resilient supply chain that delivers the unique benefits of your innovation to the consumer. We’ll help put all the logistics into place, and we’ll free you to focus on crafting your vision—the part that you’re best at and love!

EY sees the value in this partnership too, which is we’ve been expanding it and looking for new ways to pair up. “With P&G’s consistent leadership in supply chain excellence, expanding the relationship with EY to address the full scope of the supply chain is essential—especially during times when supply chains are under stress and companies are working to reframe their future,” said Glenn Steinberg, EY Global and EY Americas supply chain leader. “The expanded alliance can provide clients with the advanced technology, guidance, and systems they need today and in the future.”

This alliance has several ways to help with key supply chain aspects, from planning, strategy, service, transportation, and distribution.

Supply chain foundations. These are the core foundations for processes like organizational design and work processes and roles.

Advanced tools and automation. These give startups access to innovative resources and techniques that can digitize manual processes that may have made sense when you were just starting but would become too inefficient at scale. 

The Run-to-Target (RTT) Transformation Accelerator. A structured self-service methodology that helps you achieve rapid results as you grow and also creates sustainable changes as your workforce expands.

For entrepreneurs, this has a few main benefits. First, an existing set of tools, strategies, and methodologies that can help startups build their supply chain without starting from scratch, so you have a head start versus your competition. 

Second, with proven approaches for deployment, you can be confident that you won’t run into serious issues as you launch your product and continue to expand.

Third, it gives small businesses like yours access to the type of knowledge and expertise that would otherwise be confined to large enterprises or manufacturing veterans. The EY/P&G partnership means that you get a better, faster process by tapping into someone who knows.

Fourth, it provides stability in both the present and future, especially when significant changes come along. As many businesses saw with COVID-19, major disruptions are very possible—and very impossible to predict. While a small business might not be able to have a robust supply chain all on their own, the EY/P&G alliance means that startups have a broader range of options when adapting to challenges that could otherwise upend their business.

A supply chain for anything

One other aspect of the EY partnership that we love is their vision for “building a better working world.” While they might initially focus on improving how supply chains and manufacturing operate, we know that a consistent supply chain ultimately delivers better value to end-users of your product.

Because we’re both committed to this drive for improvement, we know that they’re a perfect partner for our own vision to help consumers in key areas where we’ve chosen to focus. These areas are either currently underserved, have limited existing options, or they’re emerging markets that benefit from more innovative, entrepreneurial ideas. All these reasons are why we’ve identified them as ripe for growth—and we’ve already seen startups thrive in these areas!

Non-Toxic Home and Garden. We’re looking for safe, effective, industry-leading technologies that control insects in the home and on plants.

Active Aging—Women. We’re looking for solutions that address challenges ranging from menopause symptoms to migraines, from UTIs to yeast infections, from painful sex to stress incontinence—so women can live active, vibrant lives.

Active Aging—Men. We’re looking for solutions to age-related challenges such as incontinence, mobility challenges, and sexual dysfunction—to help men age with vitality and live their fullest lives.

Healthy Skin. We’re looking for new technologies to help consumers keep their skin looking, feeling, and functioning at its best, especially in addressing acne, sun protection, hyperpigmentation, eczema, and psoriasis.

Personal Performance. We’re looking to help consumers live healthy, confident lives by creating products that aid in breathing, stress resistance, focus, and cognitive health.

Balanced Protection. We’re looking for products that help consumers successfully rid their homes of “bad” bacteria—especially clothing, carpet, and upholstery—without overcleaning or getting rid of “good” bacteria.

Food Preservation & Waste Reduction. We’re looking to reduce the 30-40% existing food waste and save consumers time and money with new technologies that keep food fresher for longer.

Daily Wellness. We’re looking for health solutions to help consumers maximize their “wellspan” and live their best lives.

Go-Anywhere Clean. We’re looking for products that offer on-the-go protection against harmful bacteria. To help consumers maintain a clean and safe environment, no matter where they go.

Helping Parents. We’re looking for solutions to support parents and children ages 0–5 to help them raise healthy, resilient children during this critical stage.

Emerging Frontiers. We’re looking for new ideas outside of existing and previous P&G markets—particularly products that preserve valuable items, make users’ homes more healing and nurturing, or make their homes and communities smarter, more efficient, and more resilient.

Do you have a great idea? Do you see the value of a unique partnership like EY and P&G Ventures? Check us out!

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