Branding teams analyzing marketing performance

Making sure the right people know about your brand. 


If building your brand is about creating a bond of trust between your product and your consumer, then marketing is about bringing customers to your brand and creating long-term loyalty. P&G was the inventor and still remains a master of consumer marketing. People have been committed to brands like Gillette and Pampers for generations, and even if those don’t happen to be the brands you use in your household, you’re probably confident that they’ll perform for you when you need them.  


That kind of trust and loyalty doesn’t happen without expert marketing and consumer understanding. Your P&G Ventures advocates and teammates bring 180 years of brand loyalty experience to your product’s strategy meetings from day one. We love products that matter to the consumer and make a difference in their everyday lives, so when you partner with P&G Ventures, we’ll make sure your right target consumers are marketed to in the most meaningful way and get excited about your new brainchild. 


Taking the guesswork out of marketing by relying on analytics 


As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly thinking about the four P’s—price, product, promotion, and place. What’s the right price for your new product, how will you promote it, and where will you place it?  


You need to create an ongoing strategy for all of these to achieve success. But that can feel like an overwhelming guessing game when you’re a new player in the field or when your startup is still small. How can you find the answers to these questions without a long, messy game of trial and error? 


When our Chief Branding Officer Marc Pritchard was named “Performance Marketer of the Year” by AdWeek in March 2021, he cited a strong dependence on data. We have teams that are dedicated to collecting performance data in every aspect of marketing. By partnering with P&G Ventures, you get those teams and that data, which could help you leap past the learning curve and get your marketing right faster. 


We provide experts in every marketing channel, from editorial to events or agency partners on the cutting edge. No matter the channel, constant and consistent updates and management are key to ensure relevance, influence, and performance. 


With P&G Ventures by your side, you don’t have to stress about knowing every entity’s algorithm and keeping your message consistent. Your marketing experts will help you stay on top of the best strategies to connect to your target consumers.  


Knowing where, when, and how to connect with your consumer 


You build a brand around your Who. Who will most want your product? Whose lives will be changed by your idea or technology? It’s the job of marketing to own that Who and figure out exactly how to communicate with them directly.  


Keeping track of all the ways to market your brand effectively can feel like a juggling act. From social media to highway billboards, there are a plethora of venues you need to understand when it comes to knowing how to connect with your consumers.  


You need a marketing plan and calendar to make sure you’re managing your consumer’s experience with your product and your brand. It needs to cover social media, digital media, editorial, PR, SEO and keyword research, email content that goes out through a CRM with the help of the sales team, as well as webinars, podcasts, events, radio, TV campaigns, etc. 


And that’s just the beginning. Promotional events require a separate dedicated plan, calendar, and marketing strategy. TV and radio campaigns have to be strategized, written, and produced. Google Ads and SEO analytics take weeks to get established and tweaked based on performance data.  


Then there’s the question of budget! How much is all this marketing going to cost? Who’s doing the work? And where’s the money coming from? That’s a lot of balls in the air when you’re just trying to get a new product off the ground. 


With P&G Ventures, you don’t have to try and juggle all of this because we have specialized experts in every niche of marketing and promotions ready to help you. Your brand gets the benefit of a focused, data-driven marketing strategy tailored to the precise consumers you’re trying to reach. 


Establishing an intimate, long-term relationship with your consumer 


Lately, we’ve seen increased success with one-on-one connections, or direct-to-consumer (D2C), because consumers are relying less on TV ads, social media, or billboards to trigger their next purchasing decisions.  


Imagine reaching shoppers at the precise moment of need. Our data shows that focusing on browser search functions and programs like our P&G Good Everyday program can connect with consumers’ values. You can reach your consumers from the second they pick up their phone and begin searching.  


For a consumer to choose your product again and again, the messaging that communicates the core of your brand, brand benefit, and brand experience must remain consistent across all channels and locations.  


You must understand the consumers’ behaviors across different regions and countries, and our marketing organizations can bring that understanding to you. We understand that a Korean woman’s facial routine differs greatly from a French woman’s and a New Yorker’s. 


When you partner with P&G Ventures, you won’t struggle to create messaging that succeeds locally and then globally. You’ll tap into regional hubs of marketing excellence and experts who know-how to grow a global brand.  

Your consumers get their hands on your product because you’re marketing to the right people in the right way. 


In many ways, P&G has been the inventor and remained a master at marketing to a wide variety of different people, cultures, and communities. We understand the multifaceted process of creating an ongoing, loyal relationship with the consumer.  


Your success is our success. We want your new product to be a big hit when it first arrives on the market and to succeed for years to come. It’s our goal to help you build the loyalty beyond belief that we’ve been creating for generations. 


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