Distribution center for a consumer goods company

Bring a master-level distribution network to your startup. 


Never miss the chance to get your product in consumers hands


Imagine you’ve done it all. You’ve developed a superior product, created an impeccable brand, and partnered with a reliable manufacturer. You’ve figured out your audience and your marketing.  


Your consumers want to get their hands on your amazing new product. So they go to the store, they find the right aisle, and they reach for your shiny, well-designed package.  


The problem? It’s not there. What happens then? They grab the next best item, whether that’s the store brand or your top competitor. And if that product works, they’ll likely choose that brand again and again. What went wrong here? Distribution. 


Distribution is the part of the process that gets your physical product to wherever it’s supposed to be. If an online retailer is selling it, distribution makes sure they’ve got plenty in their warehouse. If it’s supposed to be stocked on the shelves of every Target in the country, distribution makes sure those stores never have empty shelves.  


Our distribution experts understand that when online consumers see the backorder notice on Amazon, they’re highly likely to choose another immediately available product. Their job is to make sure that your product never misses a chance to get into the consumer’s hands just because a Walmart was waiting to restock. Without stellar distribution, the rest of your efforts could be in vain. 


Giving your startup master-level supply chain capabilities  


After 180 years, Procter and Gamble knows consumers want their favorite things right when they want them. We’ve spent a lot of time building a supply chain process that ensures your product is available to your consumers at the exact moment they want to buy it. 


Nothing kills an entrepreneur’s new product or a new brand like simple unavailability. So when you partner with P&G Ventures, we bring master-level distribution to the table to give you and your product the best chance of success, even in extreme circumstances. 


In May of 2020, Gartner released its Top 25 Supply Chain rankings, and P&G was honored with four other companies in a separate category of five Supply Chain Masters, whose ability to perform over the past ten years set them apart.  


To be named a master was incredibly important to us, not because of an award, but because it meant that we’ve been consistently providing for the daily needs of consumers. Distribution isn’t just about making sure your product sells at every opportunity. It’s about providing your consumer with stability and honoring the established trust between them and your brand. 


Successful distribution during extreme circumstances—Microban 24  


The pandemic changed consumer buying habits overnight, and every distributor had to adjust on the fly to the drastically altered rhythms of supply and demand. We all remember what it was like to walk into stores and see aisles of empty shelves. Understandably, it took some companies months to catch up, while others never did. 


When we realized that consumers now needed a product that could reliably fight the virus, we developed and introduced our new brand Microban 24. This innovation not only kills the virus, but also kills 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces for up to 24 hours.   


When we launched Microban 24, we knew focusing on distribution from the get-go was crucial to ensuring the product lived up to its promise. What good would a new germ-killing technology be if nobody could find it on the shelves?  


Launching Microban 24 required collaboration between all departments—research labs, manufacturing, marketing, communications, retailer partnerships, suppliers, and distribution. We had to use all 180 years of our experience at P&G to ensure we didn’t break trust with the consumers who were relying on us to get them this important new product.  


When you partner with P&G Ventures, your brand gets that same level of dedicated cooperation across departments from the beginning, because your success is our success.  


Keeping the consumer’s trust takes a focus on logistics 


It’s not just about making sure trucks full of product arrive at stores on time. Supply chain logistics go all the way back to the planning stages of where you source your raw materials, where your factories are located, and how long it takes to assemble the product’s packaging.  


This is where your startup gets the added benefit of having distribution experts sitting in on meetings with your manufacturing and branding teams from the very beginning. You’ll be planning for consistent distribution at the same time as you’re working out how the product will get made. 


The ingredients you need to use, the bottles or boxes you’re going to put your product in, the supplies you need for packing and shipping—this all falls under logistics, operations, and distribution. Everything from start to finish has a distribution element to guarantee the quality and integrity of your product along the way, and there are cutting-edge technologies to handle this, combined with logistics experts.  


Rather than having to battle that learning curve when you’re just getting started, partnering with P&G Ventures can give you the peace of mind that your product’s potential won’t get lost in transit and gets into the hands of your consumers. 


To learn more about how P&G’s startup studio can help make your ideas into reality, visit www.PGventuresstudio.com.