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What’s the story behind P&G Ventures?

In 2015, the CEO of P&G approached one of his key mentees, Leigh Radford, asking how she’d navigate the dilemma of new businesses that held promise—but weren’t ready for the intense hurdle rate of a global corporation. This led to an exciting vision for incubating new businesses in promising new categories. A few years later, and P&G Ventures is running full-tilt as an agile, early stage startup studio within the walls of P&G.

How do you adapt a massive corporation so that an entrepreneur doesn’t get swallowed up?

We created a P&G Ventures Speed Team to scale back the main P&G systems designed to run big businesses—and create the appropriate environment for startup products and early ideas.

Will my product innovation be competing with existing P&G product space?

Not at all. P&G Ventures is focusing on 8 critical Focus Areas where P&G does not currently do business, and that allows us to be 100% committed to the success of the projects and partners we take on.

Is P&G Ventures a venture capital firm?

Yes, in part. But as one of P&G’s innovation initiatives, P&G Ventures offers a depth and breadth of resource support that traditional VC funding models lack. With our well-connected team of experts who work alongside—and have access to—a multibillion-dollar, global consumer goods corporation, we believe we have a wealth of resources to offer. And that goes way beyond funding alone.

Does P&G Ventures own the brands it creates?

This is a conversation we have with each partner. We hope to eventually fold all developed brands back into the existing P&G business unit. We get to that point with unique agreements based on the specific circumstances around each partnership.

If I simply want to sell you my business, is that an option?

Yes. When we create a partnership, our end goal is that together we’re creating a brand or business that can be folded into the existing P&G business unit.

How many companies/entrepreneurs are you currently working with?

About 13-20 at any given time, from full-scale partners to seedling conversations.

Who’s your ideal candidate?

Inventors, entrepreneurs, and startups with innovative ideas, promising technologies with some IP around it, and with the potential as a fast-moving consumable in one of our Focus Areas.

Would you consider partnering with a B2B?

Yes, if there is a path to a consumer product. However, we’re not looking for suppliers. (If you’re a supplier, please go to pgsupplier.com.)

How can I be sure that my idea and application is in trusted hands?

First, please do NOT send anything in your application that is confidential or proprietary. We want you to keep that information withheld, until further down the line. We also use a separate, secure website to collect and house our applications: PGCD. But again, do not submit anything confidential.

I don’t have a patent. Will you work with me?

You either need a patent or have line of sight to patentability. And as mentioned above, when you apply, please only send us non-confidential information.

What kind of team will you build around me?

Based on the needs of your brand or business, we’ll build out a support team of experts who will likely grow as your brand or business evolves. For many of our startups, we’ve started with a P&G Ventures Team of five and grown to 15 or 30.

What does funding look like with P&G Ventures?

We’re different than a venture capital fund that simply cuts a check and leaves you to solve the rest of the puzzle. Our resources are both financial and human—and both of those depend on the type and level of support you need to become an incredibly performing start-up.

If I get selected, will I need to move to Cincinnati?

No. We have partners all around the globe.