Redefining Aging at Home

Focus Area: Active Aging | Reading time: 2 minutes

Elderly couple sitting on a bench, looking at a mountain landscape.

For aging adults, when help is needed to perform daily self-care activities, personal dignity and independence are threatened, and precious relationships are strained. These simple activities become a threat to being able to age at home. P&G Ventures is on a mission to help aging adults stay and thrive at home longer.


A clear trend is emerging in “senior tech.” While 10,000 adults in the US turn 65 each day and want to age at home, almost all the innovation in the space is designed for and targeted towards institutional care. Consequently, most aging adults and their caregiving ecosystems remain significantly underserved, creating a unique opportunity to build solutions around the many struggling moments faced in the in-home context. 

For aging adults, when help is needed to perform daily self-care activities, dignity, independence, and the ability to make personal choices are threatened, straining precious relationships with loved ones. For their caregivers, finding the right balance between multiple life-priorities and providing the right care for their loved one is a constant struggle. We believe that developing solutions that resolve these simultaneous tensions by empowering both aging adults and their caregiving ecosystem is the key to redefining aging at home. 


Enable us to age how and where we choose. 

What we are looking for:

Disruptive solutions in the area of Activities of Daily Living that address some of the biggest threats to being able to age and thrive at home. Areas of immediate interest include: 

  • De-risk Showering & Improve Personal Hygiene 
  • Continence Care (including UTI management) 
  • Hydration Detection & Management 
  • Skin Health Management 
  • Improved Mobility & Fall Prevention 

Ideal solution will:

  • Solve a hard problem in a dignified way 
  • Address needs for both the older adult and those who care for them 
  • Have early proof that people want to try the solution, and those who have tried it, liked it and want to use it again