Product development team reviewing consumer research

We’re P&G, and we have 180 years of experience to prove our customer obsession, and why it’s in your (and their) best interest 


As an entrepreneur, you know your product, your patent, and your passion. At Procter & Gamble, we know consumers. Who are they? What are they up to? What do they need? What do they want — and what will they buy?  


We’ve spent 180 years understanding the heart, the soul, and the analytics of the people you want to buy your product. That’s why P&G Ventures is all about partnering with entrepreneurs and startups to provide more than just funding.  


As an entrepreneur, you’re already an expert in your product field, but now you need an expert in connecting with your audience. How do you form that connection with consumers?  


Through data. At P&G Ventures, all of that data comes from our deep well of consumer experience insight. You create a great product that people will want to buy, and we get them to choose your brand for life.  


Who is P&G Ventures? 


We’re P&G’s early stage startup studio looking to collaborate with entrepreneurs, startups, and folks with ideas that could change the world. Each partnership is unique, and we’re committed to your success, because when you win, we all win. 


With nearly 200 years of consumer research and market knowledge, we understand what’s going on in the daily lives of your potential consumers.  


We’ve already gotten to know them, what they want, and how a product fits into their values because our experts spend tons of time with them.  


As an entrepreneur, one of your most valued resources is time. You don’t have it. You’re busy dealing with investors, developing the product, navigating contracts, and more.  


While you’ve been perfecting your groundbreaking designs, we’ve been pioneering the development of consumer analytics technology that can get your idea in the hands of those who need it.  


We also have a finger on the pulse of the consumer journey. Whether you’re targeting buyers online or in a physical storefront, we can help you determine what messaging will bring in consumers most effectively. While you’re just getting started as a company, we’ve already mastered the art of building brands all over the world, giving you access to a global network 


No matter where you are, we can help you discover your value proposition and expand into markets you may never have anticipated. We’ll be able to empower your startup to touch lives every day in small but important ways. 


We have experience that can help you 


At P&G, everything is devoted to the service of the consumer. If you’ve got an idea, a product, or a patent that you’re passionate about — and getting it into the hands of consumers can improve their lives — we think that makes the world a better place. We want to help you take your company from the whiteboard to changing the world, and this isn’t our first time down that road.  


Tide, Pepto Bismol, Ivory, Pantene, Olay, Pampers, Crest, and dozens more — we’ve helped brands you love identify who they’re selling to, what value their product brings to the market, and what stories make people loyal to their brand.  


And if your product isn’t quite ready for the market? We have the know-how to help you get there too, because we know what consumers expect. Our depth of insight and discipline is what sets our venture arm apart from the rest. 


We have the stories to prove it 


You don’t have to take our word for it that we help build the kind of brand love that can grow your business to a billion dollars. Just ask companies we’ve already partnered with — like Kindra, Zevo, and OPTE — how we connected them with consumers and helped push them into a healthy growth phase. 


For Kindra, a company devoted to redefining how women experience menopause, we helped them launch into a growth phase. To do that, we openly embraced discussing topics that were previously considered taboo. 


Using data from our consumer insights team, Kindra was able to identify language, humor, and storytelling that meets the everyday woman where she is instead of making her feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.  


So with Kindra, we addressed the consumer from a place of community and sisterhood, normalizing a conversation that had previously been lonely and confusing. Without the data from our Analytics Studio, Kindra may never have been able to identify that grander scale of their value to the consumer.  


Another of our great partnership success stories is that of Zevo. Their product is perfect for consumers who want to keep their homes pest-free without spraying harmful chemicals around children and pets.  


Their value to the consumer is clear. Pairing their own performance data with our market and consumer knowledge, they were able to hone their product offerings. As well as insight on their consumers’ journey enabled them to succeed both online and in retail stores. 


OPTE’s precision skin care device, on the other hand, had been stuck in R&D for 15 years. Partnering with us has helped them connect with the consumer data they needed to finally take it to market.  


So many elements of your business depend on an intimate knowledge of consumers. No matter what stage your startup is in, our experts will help you isolate what sets you apart from your competitors. From there, we’ll figure out how to find the people who’ll love your brand and how to make sure they stay in love. 


A true win/win/win 


As an entrepreneur with a consumer insights partner like P&G, you’ll never have to worry whether or not you’re an expert on the ever-changing consumer market. The reason we’ve been at this for 180 years is simple — we love it! We’re not just capable. We’re excited to help you with the research into your brand’s unique market.  


What we want to do is connect you with the consumers who need your product. You get the data you need to form a lasting relationship with your consumer. The consumers get a quality, life-changing product. Everybody wins. 


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