Bottles on a manufacturing production line

P&G is obsessed with creating the right product, at the best quality, on time, and consistently made with excellence. 


Creating something new isn’t the same as actually making it. There’s still a lot to do. You have to figure out where to source the raw materials, how to find a manufacturer who can accomplish the mechanics, whether to make large batches or small, what kind of packaging will work best, and so on. 


At Procter & Gamble, we’ve been creating and selling new products for quite awhile now. All along, we’ve focused first on getting consumers the ideal product, with the best quality, at the right time, with consistent excellence.  We don’t know everything there is to know about manufacturing new products, but we’ve been in the game for 180 years. Since we get excited about creating something new, too, we’re eager to share that foundation of experience with you. 


From raw materials to finished product 


You’ve got a great idea. Maybe you’ve made a few samples. Maybe you’ve made a TON of samples. May you’ve even contracted with a third party manufacturer to expand your inventory. Maybe your packaging is a bigger hassle than the product itself.  


No matter what stage you’re in, we have a team of problem solvers champing at the bit to jump in and help you determine what the next step is to take your product to the next level.  


Whether you’re facing the challenge of sourcing the raw materials you need at an affordable price or struggling to adjust your original dream to fit the resources and capabilities available to you, we have an established global network of people who either have what you need or know how to find it. 


We believe it’s in everyone’s best interest for us to share that network with you, your brand, and your consumers. 


Do you know how hard it is to fill a bottle of Downy? 


Harder than you’d think! We’ve faced manufacturing challenges before, and we’d do it again. From beauty to laundry, to personal hygiene products and more, P&G has successfully made products of all shapes, sizes, and forms. 


By partnering with us at P&G Ventures, you get to work with the same caliber of engineers whose job it is to figure out the best way to make and fill enough bottles of Downy to fill shelves across the globe, in a timely manner, and without compromising on our incredibly high standards of quality assurance. 


Maybe your brand has nothing to do with laundry soap. That’s okay, because we cover a lot of other territory when it comes to the products we make. 


Believe or not, each focus has its own unique industry of manufacturing. So whatever genre your product is in, as a partner with us at PGV, you have a high likelihood of finding people who know how to make that product on time, at top quality, and do so consistently.  


We prioritize reaching a level of mastery at every step of the manufacturing process, in every area of production. We like to do things right, from investing in our plant technicians’ work safety and quality of life, to making sure we’re operating in a way that’s best for our planet.  


When you partner with us, you can rest easy knowing that we’re not just about mass-producing cheap products so quickly that it’s not safe or sustainable. 


While we know how to make large amounts of stuff, what if your idea requires production in small batches? We’ve done that too. We find that new things often require adaptations to be able to make them at a large scale.  


We appreciate that quality trumps quantity, especially in the early stages of developing the next great thing. Our engineers understand and respect the process of bringing your dream to life. At the same time, they can also offer 180 years worth of perspective on the do’s and don’ts of manufacturing.  


From an inventor’s or entrepreneur’s lens, partnering with us at P&G Ventures is like starting the game on second base. 


A good manufacturing plant is a thing of beauty 


We’re proud of our in-house manufacturing. We think there’s nothing quite as beautiful as walking the floor of a plant where design combines with assembly to create a product that consumers will love. From high end skin care to electrical devices, the processes, plants and operations are a multi-faceted, cross-functional system that works to guarantee products are on spec, and on time.  


Our plants have seen challenges of producing many brands — and yours could be the next puzzle they get to solve. With manufacturing sites all over the globe, you also have the opportunity to expand into a global market. 


Though we’ve done plenty of in-house manufacturing, we also know when to ask for help. Over the years, we’ve partnered with trusted third parties when they simply have more experience in a particular area than we do.  


That means if your product requires us to contract with an outside manufacturer, we can help you find the right one. We’ve got relationships with reliable parties all over the world and a team of contract experts who can help you make sure you stay in control of how your product gets made. 


Quality assurance 


But we don’t work with just anybody! We want the best for our products and for yours. We want your finished product to be unmatched in quality. We want your process to go smoothly and safely, meeting all FDA regulations where applicable and prioritizing the health of our consumers and employees.  


We want all of this to happen on time so that you can fill the commitments you’ve made to retailers and other buyers. We’re prepared to help you navigate the process of conducting a smooth relationship with a third party.  


No matter how much experience we may have, things happen. We hit bumps in the road. Maybe a product runs out, or a SKU number is delayed. We’ve been there, and we have back-up plans in place. We’re even prepared for the endless number of microbes out there that could invade your inventory and cause a product batch to go bad.  


Since we’ve seen a lot of ways that things can go wrong, we’ve made a list of what could happen with your product so that we can jump in and help you if something ever happens. You and your brand will be protected by a safety net, guiding you to success through the roadblocks that pop up. 


Innovation and longevity 


All great brands need more than just consistently reliable, well-oiled manufacturing machines. You also need to be able to withstand adjustments as new technology and market requirements evolve. We’ve seen what it takes to adapt formulas, create new packaging, and come up with new delivery solutions when our brands need to adjust to the times.  


Without that flexibility, there’s no way we could’ve kept products like Downy, Dove, Pampers, and Old Spice in the hands of our consumers for all these years. That’s exactly the kind of innovation and longevity we bring to your brand when you partner with us. If you decide you want to find a way to offer your liquid product in a solid form, our engineers are prepared to help you figure that out.  


By partnering with us, you don’t just get our help in the early days—you’re part of our network for the life of your brand. When it’s time to learn and grow, we’ll be right by your side. 


Your product stays in your hands 


These experts we keep talking about? You get access to them. You get to talk directly with members of the teams that are working on your brand, because we’re not about to step in and take over the entire manufacturing process for you. On the contrary, our engineers want to work with you to achieve a unique result, tailored to your brand’s needs.  


How do they do that? They actually live in the manufacturing of our products. Their only job is to figure out how to make something that’s never been made before. They’re in the plants, on the line, getting their hands dirty to make sure they understand everything there is to know about how a product gets made. 


When problems arise or when new ideas come to the table, they’re equipped to jump in and address whatever challenge you may face. You get to work directly with your manufacturer and engineering team, and we bring a tried and true training process that is regimented and essential, so that you don’t have to overcome a learning curve.  


We don’t know everything, but we are ready to share what we know with you and your brand. With P&G Ventures as your partner, you can be sure we want to see you succeed because we want to see great products in the hands of consumers. 


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