Legal teams discussing regulatory and safety requirements

Understanding regulations to introduce your product safely and successfully.  


You just created something new, and it has the potential to improve lives. You want to be able to run outside and share it with the world as soon as you want, as much as you want.  


We get it! But first, there are boxes to check, T’s to cross, and i’s to be dot. What regulations and laws for your market and industry do your business and product have to follow? It’s necessary to know and follow these rules to safely and successfully introduce your new product to the people you want to serve. 


It’s different by city, suburb, state, region, and country, and the layers are complex. It’s an ever-changing field with new regulations constantly being added. Industry, product line, locale, geographical, age—there are lots of different regulatory angles. 


As an inventor, entrepreneur, or startup, you may already have loyal followers who love your product. But are you sure that you’re following all the rules and regulations that are in place when it comes to your source materials, product claims, safety, packaging, distribution, and more? Given the sheer number of laws and regulations, as well as auditing agencies, there are too many to know them all.  


P&G Ventures takes on the incredibly complex process of managing regulations. With our many experts at your fingertips, you can focus on what’s most important—your product and the consumers you serve.  


One misstep can stop your business in a heartbeat. But with P&G Ventures as your partner, you’ll have industry-leading regulatory experts making sure that doesn’t happen. 


Keeping track of everything that matters 


From the Food & Drug Administration, to consumer safety (CPSC), to the environment (EPA), to agriculture (USDA), and more, we have experts in each industry who understand how to follow these many different regulations. The result for you is that your product is pre-approved before you’re even ready to sell it.  


Our regulatory experts collaborate with your lab research team, manufacturing team, packaging design team, and distributors. If there’s a box to check when it comes to how you’re safely and effectively making your product, our regulatory team is already on it. 


But what about branding, marketing, and the relationship you have with your consumers? There’s a place for regulatory on those teams as well. What kind of claims are you making to your consumers? Can you prove that what you’ve promised about your brand is true in a concrete, measurable way? 


With 180 years of gaining and keeping consumers’ trust, we have expertise in knowing how to make sure that consumers aren’t disappointed when a product doesn’t match the expectations set by its marketing hype. In many cases, it’s actually illegal to make claims that you can’t support with data. Our regulatory experts will be there with you to make sure that the brand promise of your product matches what it can in fact do. 


Filling in the gaps of expertise where you need them 


If you’ve reached the point of partnering with P&G Ventures to launch your new product into the market, you’re clearly an expert in your field. You know what you’re doing, and we recognize that!  


But nobody can be an expert in everything, especially when it comes to the regulatory world. There are simply too many auditing organizations, rules, requirements, and safety concerns for any one person to know them all.  


Can you imagine anything worse than the government seeking to stop you and your business? An incident like that could leave your business dead, send you to jail, and land you in an insurmountable debt. Your idea and the consumers are too important for anyone to take that risk, no matter how small.  


At P&G Ventures, we work with you from the start to make sure that you’re following important regulations, that your product and your brand succeed, and that we all keep consumers safe. 


Saving you time, money, and stress 


Hiring an outside party to do your regulatory work requires a lot of time and money. If that person isn’t part of the process from the earlier stages of your brand, you may even find yourself in the situation of having to change how your product is manufactured or sold. The beauty of a P&G relationship is that those people are on your team each step of the way, so your vision is never separate from the regulatory side of things.  


Plus, down the line, when you’re ready to expand the business, you’ll have experts in all industries in over 190 countries across the globe. No matter what you’re trying to make or sell, there are going to be rules for how you’re allowed to do that. While that may sound overwhelming and stressful, we have people who not only know how to navigate that but love doing it.  


Does all this talk about rules and regulations make launching a new brand or product sound difficult? Does it sound a bit bureaucratic? We get that, but that’s part of getting products to consumers. It’s necessary to know and follow the rules to safely and responsibly introduce life-changing new technologies to the people you want to serve.  


Regulatory is, simply put, a must. After all, you came up with this idea in the first place to help people! Regulations are only there to make sure no accidental harm is done along the way, and that’s why we want to share our robust team of experts to make sure everyone benefits. So you and your product can go on to improve millions of lives. 


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