Partner Stories

  1. The Zevo team all grouped together in their offices.


    An Entrepreneur Trio + Tech Startup + P&G Ventures = Zevo

    For an early stage company to work with a large company, you’re so different culturally. But P&G Ventures made a home for our entrepreneurial ‘Go get it, knock it down, move fast, pivot’ approach. And we found somebody who saw the world the same way we did.

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    Zevo's line of products
  2. The MetaDerm team standing together in their lab.


    Doctors + Haus Pharmaceuticals + P&G Ventures = MetaDerm

    We walked into the first meeting at Procter & Gamble and within minutes it was pretty clear to us this is the group that pioneered evidence-based consumer products…so we were almost instantly working hand in glove. It was one team—one set of goals. It was seamless.

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    Metaderm's line of products
  3. Opte product in its protective case, opened to reveal the Opté device.


    Product Developer + Handheld Printer + P&G Ventures = Opte

    We were stuck—hit hurdles we couldn’t figure out on our own. The engineers at P&G Ventures led us to the breakthroughs! They reduced complexity around our product design, added accuracy…and that Summer, the first generation of Opte was born.

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    Woman holding the Opte device up to her face.