P&G Ventures is proud to present its first Innovation Challenge in Israel, powered by Fusion LA.
The Challenge featured Maya Ashkenazi Otmazgin, Co-Founder and CEO of Maolac, Rebecca Sternberg – Co-Founder and CMO at Aquafit Intimate, Nava Ravid – CEO of Purific, and Rachel Yarkoni – Founder and Co-CEO of myAir. The founders pitched live to a panel of leading investors and innovation programs from Israel, including Orly Glick – Partner at Vintage, Danny Cohen – Partner at Viola, Netalie Nadivi – Partner at Triventures, Yaron Daniely – Partner at aMoon, Omri Boral – Co-Founder and CEO at TechForGood, Ilana Soloducho-Kashmir – Partner at Peral Cohen, Yoav Fisher – Director at HealthIL, Guy Katsovich – Co-founder and Partner at Fusion LA, Miri Polachek – CEO of Joy Ventures, and from P&G: Leigh Radford – Sr. Vice President and General Manager P&G Ventures, Julie Setser – Sr. Vice President R&D P&G Ventures, and Alan Goldstein – Managing Director at P&G Ventures.


  • Aquafit Intimate – Sexual Wellness startup that developed a vaginal gel stick. The company’s mission is to improve women’s lives through advanced applied science, pure ingredients, usability, and design. Made from water and plant-based materials, the self-lubricating gel stick adapts to women’s individual anatomy, while achieving complete tissue coverage for the delivery of beneficiary materials.
  • Purific – Unique Electrochemical water for surface cleaning. Comprised of 99.7% water and 0.3% Hypochlorous acid, which turns the water into anti-viral and anti-bacterial water, and without the side effects of alcohol.
  • myAir – Personalized plant-based, functional nutrition products for stress management. Using deep profiling based on machine-learning technology, the company has developed nutrition bars designed for long-term stress management routines.
  • Maolac – Aims to set a new standard for active immunity-boosting proteins, harnessing the benefits of mother’s milk through the use of over 1,500 healthy biofunctional proteins. Using artificial intelligence and computational biology based on mammals’ milk, Maolac has developed proteins designed to stimulate the immune system, providing superior protection for both humans and animals.