The Venture Capital world is changing the mindset of how to seek out startups with opportunity to grow, scale, and raise funds.  Are startups really tapping into their full potential?

As we work with entrepreneurs, one thing that P&G Ventures brings is all the infrastructure that comes with P&G everything from supply chain, research & development, regulatory, branding, communication, and endorsements.  Making this accessible to entrepreneurs is really where the magic happens.

P&G Ventures is partnering with Plug and Play to launch Series P.  This accelerator initiative will provide opportunities to develop product superiority, technology, and business strategies by leveraging P&G Ventures’ expertise, knowledge, and industry leadership.  The program includes workshops, webinars and networking in Industry-agnostics, Health & Wellness, Brand & Retail, Office Hours & Mentorship.

We are bringing together eight (8) startups in the health and wellness space for our first cohort.  Over the 12-week period, these eight (8) will meet with P&G Ventures’ mentors to gain knowledge in CPG branding, retailer integration, supply chain synchronization, and much more.  In addition, Plug and Play’s network of VCs will connect through one-on-one introductions and industry-based webinars.  This initiative will address fundraising, legal, intellectual property, and crafting that perfect pitch.

The first cohort includes:

Mode Sensors is developing next generation wearable patch for continuous hydration monitoring.  Mode Sensors  is led by Magnus Nordahl, Head of Business Development & Co-Founder.

Hormona is a data-driven women’s health solution focused on hormonal health.  Hormona is led by Karolina Löfqvist.

Mitra Bio is unlocking the power of skin epigenetics to achieve skin health and youthfulness.  Mitra Bio is led by Shakiba Kaveh, CEO and Cristiana Banila, CSO.

Phi Therapeutics, Inc. (dba Phyla) is using Phage technology to address acne and other chronic bacterial diseases.  Phyla is led by Yug Varma, CEO.

Sensio Air is a patented technology for airborne pathogen detection and health analysis.  Sensio Air is led by Cyrille Najjar, CEO and Dr. Eve Tamraz, CSO.

Begin Health is a toddler and kids’ nutrition health company which empowers parents with the knowledge and tools to optimize their children’s well-being.   Begin Health is led by Madeline Lauf, Founder & CEO.

Madorra is a women’s health company developing innovative solutions for menopause.  Madorra is led by Holly Rockweiler, CEO.


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Plug and Play

Plug and Play’s innovation platform connects the world’s best startups with national and global corporate partners to help them bring innovation and technology to market faster. We run 60 accelerators in 36 locations around the world, helping startups advance their technologies through mentorship, VC and corporate introductions and webinars.  Covering 18 industries and with a portfolio of services, we meet our corporate partners at any point on their innovation journey to solve key business challenges.

P&G Ventures Studio

Established in 2015, P&G Ventures partners with entrepreneurs, inventors, and startups to discover and create consumer products, brands, and businesses that solve consumer needs in areas new to P&G. Each P&G Ventures partnership is unique, providing access to P&G’s experts, resources, and capabilities to help partners prove their technology and create their brand. Distinct from the venture capital approach, venture studios are closely involved in the day-to-day operations and strategic decisions of growing the new business. After the startup shows traction, it can seek to raise capital from outside investors, including VCs.  Its model is built on partnering with entrepreneurs, inventors and start-ups to deliver a win-win that brings together the best of startups and the best of P&G.

P&G Ventures offers this venture studio approach as an alternative source of depth and breadth resource support.  Each P&G Ventures partnership is unique.  The team of experts provides resources to help partners on their journey in building the next household brand. P&G Ventures believes having the backing of the resources of a global consumer goods corporation goes far beyond funding alone. P&G Ventures believes they will fill the gap between equity investments and getting startup brands to market and the scale beyond.

Leveraging this unique model, P&G Ventures has launched four new brands to date: Zevo, a line of insect control products safe for children and pets; OPTE, a smart beauty device to treat facial hyperpigmentation; Bodewell, a line of plant-based products to treat chronic skin conditions; and Kindra, a product line to help women combat the symptoms of menopause.