Why Everyone Wins When Female Founders Succeed

January 14th, 2021 | Reading time: < 1 minute

It’s a well-established fact that female entrepreneurs face unfair hurdles when it comes to building a business. Female-founded businesses receive only 2.2% of all venture funding. Yet, research has shown that woman-operated venture-backed companies average 12% higher annual revenue and companies with female founders perform 63% better than those with all-male teams.

Given this seemingly entrenched disparity in access to capital, what can be done? How can the system be improved so we can finally fully unleash the potential of female founders to solve problems, create jobs and grow the economy?

In this session, dynamic leaders representing funders, startups and corporations will discuss how their organizations are working to level the playing field for female founders, explain why they feel this issue is important and share their tips for women entrepreneurs in search of support.

Participants: • Betsy Bluestone, PGV (moderator) • Natalie Fratto, Vice President, Launch with GS, Goldman Sachs • Amy Nelson, Founder, The Riveter • Gayle Jennings-O’Byrne, Founder, WOCStar Fund