Product development team working in an R&D lab

How P&G’s research and testing takes brands from awesome to incomparable. 


Product Development is key to all superior brands. This is where brands go to take their products from awesome to incomparable. Because of that importance, product development is one of the most powerful and pervasive (in a good way) parts of Procter & Gamble.  


We’ve spent 180 years studying the mindset and evolving needs of consumers. We meticulously research and test every element of a product to make sure it’s solving an unmet need in the market and delights the consumer — which we’ve found is crucial to the success of a brand.  


With P&G Ventures as your partner, we’ll bring that level of detailed scrutiny to every aspect of your invention too, making sure that before your product hits the shelves, it’s going to be a top contender in the market. 


What does the consumer really need? 


Why do people use skin cream? To improve complexion. Why do households choose dish soaps and laundry detergents? To fight oils, stains and odors. These are the general truths, but the real answers come down to understanding needs at a deeper and more meaningful level. At P&G, we work hard to understand the feelings and emotions of what goes into those purchasing decisions.  


It’s not enough to introduce a pretty good facial moisturizer to the market. You want to introduce something that stands alone and does something no other product can do. And we want to help you make sure that’s exactly what your product is. 


We have experts in a variety of fields who understand all the important questions for all the stages of your product’s development. In comparison to everything else on the shelves, is what we’re offering really improving the consumers lives? Does it work?  


Our experts will actually be able to measure and say confidently, “Your product is superior by X amount.” Partnering with P&G Ventures brings your brand’s debut to a place of total confidence, backed by the research and opinions of experts in the field of consumer needs. 


How Can Your Product Solve Immediate Problems? Superior Technology 


How have we learned so much about what succeeds with consumers? Practice. And what wins them over every time? Superior technology. With brands like Swiffer and Febreze, product development was crucial in zeroing in a very specific hole in the market and filling that unmet need with a product that met needs the consumers didn’t even know they had. 


Before Swiffer, using more than one product to get your floors clean was simply normal. Not many consumers even knew they could have an all-in-one product. So when product development spotted that need and developed a solution, it changed the game of household cleaning.  


That’s the same sort of approach we want to bring to you. Consumers love products that revolutionize the things they do every day. To help your product do that for them, our development team and consumer insights department will work with you to find the biggest needs that your product can solve. 


Research, research, research 


Febreze, on the other hand, started as just a molecule. Our product development team took that research from an invention in the lab and turned it into a line of products on the shelves. We even do this when there’s no guarantee of a payout. It’s part of our commitment to and obsession with helping consumers. 


For your product, those research teams will always be working on ideas to figure out how to best meet the consumer needs. Just like they did with Febreze, by actually removing odors, not just covering them up, so people could go on and breathe happy. That’s because an entrepreneurial and inventive mind-set runs throughout the product development organization.  


As an entrepreneur, getting your product into the hands of people who have this level of research backing everything we do is an incredible way to get your brand started on the right foot. While branding, marketing and selling may seem like the best way to get your brand in the hands of consumers, strong product development is the long-term way to competitive advantage. With all the things you are trying to manage in your start-up, imagine what you can do with these experts and resources helping you. 


Everything goes through product development 


But product development isn’t just about whether your product itself works. This is where we are also able to look at every element of your offering and make it better. That’s why we say product development is pervasive in a good way, we try and leave nothing on the table. That’s the secret for going beyond meeting an unmet need to truly delighting your consumer. 


If you have an idea and a pretty good product, that’s great. But can someone else go and make it? Have you figured out a way to mass-produce it? Package it? Distribute it? Do you have the research to prove its superior performance?  


Partnering with us at P&G Ventures means you get brand people, consumer insights, and product development all in one place, so no one aspect of your brand or product goes without that development mindset. 


We also look at these products on a global scale. We understand the cultural differences that could make your brand more or less successful from one market to the next, and we have ideas about how to maneuver that. 


No matter how great your product is, it’ll have competition. When it comes to researching other products in your class, our development mentality also helps figure out what can make you fundamentally different. We want to help you build the innovative intellectual property that’s backed by research and development to truly separate you from competitors. 


It goes all the way back to Edison and Ford 

We’ve been doing this for a while. P&G has over 20k product patents, over 18k design patents. So our product development team also knows how to grow, protect and develop your intellectual property. With P&G Ventures on your team, your brand is backed by the power of 1000 PHDs, the same brain bank that is able to give new life to the Tide brand year after year.  


We use techniques and expertise based in the history of patents and brand, going all the way back to successful entrepreneurs like Edison and Ford. But we continue to innovate our thinking and application to what matters most to the consumers in today’s And what do we want to do with this 180 years of research and practice in brand-making? Share it with you. 


Proof that we’re not all talk 


P&G Ventures has already worked with brands you know and love to develop products that hit the market at the top of their class. Zevo effectively kills bugs in the home, but it’s a spray product without chemicals that are harmful to pets and kids, making it the superior pest control choice for a huge number of households. Research is essential to making that promise come to fruition. 

Bodewell is helping people address inflammatory skin conditions, but they’re doing so without requiring a prescription and using plant-based, gentle ingredients instead of the plethora of harsh chemicals in other market products. Product development tests that claim.  


OPTE is a new skincare technology that is only happening because cutting edge researchers have been working on it for over a decade. It’s addressing an important need, and they wanted to devote a career to developing the product because they believe in it. Our team helped them bring it to market.  


There is an entrepreneurial spirit that exists within product development. We’re stewards that understand the key things that go beyond a particular idea. We understand what it takes to run and build a superior business. In the end, all great brands have superior technologies. 


That all comes unequivocally, from product development being involved from before it was even an idea to keeping a global brand relevant and important in your consumers lives. That’s the level of care that we’ll bring to your brand when you partner with us at P&G Ventures. 


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