Retail sales strategy briefings for a startup client

We’ve been developing relationships with top retailers for over 180 years, and when you partner with P&G Ventures, you walk into pitch meetings with expert allies at your side. 


When we partner with a start-up, we first ask our entrepreneurs, “What do you need to know?” The overwhelming response usually has to do with going into retail.  


When you’ve created an amazing product or just gotten your startup off the ground, you’ve likely not been knocking on the doors of major retailers. That’s where our sales capabilities come in. As soon as you partner with us, you get experts who have ready-made relationships with all the retailers, no matter the channel, the locale, or the country.  


P&G Ventures becomes your loyal ambassador 


Quite simply, no business gets done without sales. Money doesn’t come in, retailers don’t love you, and shoppers don’t see you. So let’s look at how an effective sales team becomes your greatest ally.  


If your brand is the castle, then sales are your knights of the round table, ready to advocate for, defend, and bring others into the fold.  Instead of having to battle your way onto the shelves of a grocery store chain, you already have a foot in their door. Someone returns your call. You get the meetings that you dreamed of.  


And you don’t go into those meetings alone! Our experts can walk alongside you as you master the art and science of pitching your product in every sales meeting.  


Relationship, relationship, relationship 


While buyers don’t initially care about your new product, your sales team at P&G Ventures will. No matter the channel, a buyer sees what you’re pitching as one of many options, but we understand its unique place in the market because we’ve formed a deep relationship with you and your brand.  


That’s what ambassadors do. They form relationships. We don’t just help you make the initial sale at the first pitch meeting. Sales provides you ongoing partnerships and relationships with all the different sellers of your product. We’ve been cultivating our relationships with all the retailers for over 180 years, so we know their strategies, who their competitors are, and what their unique needs and criteria are.  


You don’t have to go to Amazon or Target on your own and try to negotiate how to get your product into their promotion calendars, because we have experts who have relationships with these people, and they are ready to escort your product into pitch meetings with friends, not strangers. 


However, retailers can come and go. So our sales team has been cultivating another key relationship, and that our relationship with the consumer. You absolutely need to work with retailers for the success of your product, but ultimately, you’re really selling to the consumer. That consumer relationship is at the core of why we’re dedicated to cultivating your brand’s successwe want to see the consumer get life-changing products.  


With P&G Ventures as your partner, our relationships become your relationships. If the landscape of retail evolves overnight, nothing is more valuable than a solid alliance with an expert envoy of the consumer, loyal to the well-being they get from buying and using your product. 


Experts in the ever-changing world of sales 


The world of sales gets more multifaceted and sophisticated all the time, on both the physical and online retail fronts. Every physical retailer has an online arm, and top online retailers are experimenting in brick and mortar stores.  Online is its own different animal that has changed the game in recent decadesand is currently gaining even more momentum now.  Luckily, we’ve been building relationships with online retailers from the beginning, becoming an active partner in their business success. 


Ultimately, sales need to be global for you to succeed long term. local differences are significant when it comes to retail, and we know to account for that.  Acros regions, different retailers dominate and even sales channels change;  a retailer that you know in the US has a completely different strategy in another country. You could try to figure out those differences on your own, but we’re here so that you don’t have to.   


When you partner with us, your brand gets started with a global database and someone who understands all of it, someone who can seamlessly help guide your product from small batch D2C sales to global expansion. We’re there every step of the way, collaborating and making sure that sales is a key consideration in every aspect of your brand’s success, from manufacturing to distribution.  


A true partner, loyal to you 


On your own, you may end up doing what many entrepreneurs have towhatever’s best for the retailers, not what’s best for your brand. Sales is your advocate in that situation. As your partner, we make sure to maintain the integrity of your product, while balancing the needs of the retailer.  


At P&G Ventures, we’re with you from the initial phase and stay with you as you grow and expand. Our sales team will become the ambassadors that take our established relationships and make them yours. We’re ready to champion your product because, just like you, we’re committed to making sure consumers have access to the very best products out there. Like yours! 


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