A doctor and his magic potion


When you grow up with a family “littered with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases,” it makes sense that you’d dedicate your adulthood to finding a solution. That was Mike Centola – co-founder of Haus Bioceuticals.

His team had discovered a potentially groundbreaking inflammatory treatment. Unlike most natural, botanical treatments that attack a single issue with a single ingredient, they had discovered a new compound that was complex, and more importantly, could potentially treat multiple conditions.

There was actually nothing magic about it – just good science

The team put this compound to the test, pushing its limits under the most difficult and rigorous conditions, including sepsis. After their first round? A never-seen-before success rate for 60-70%. Could this compound treat a range of issues from autoimmune disorders, infectious disorders, metabolic disorders, and even arthritis, gangrene, and IBS? Could this compound work externally with atopic dermatitis or eczema? That’s when things got really interesting.

The conception of Bodewell (previously, MetaDerm)

Because this was a compound of herbal extracts, the team could’ve gone straight to market without the FDA. But they didn’t. After a large scale, double-blind study, the results were just as impressive. More tests were run on psoriasis. Another win there, too. It was time to take this science to the experts who could build and scale a brand around it.

Immediately, P&G scientists were intrigued. They’d walked away from products like this before because none of them ever seemed to work. But based upon the research, this did.

It worked better than the best products on the market at the time, including prescription drugs

Within six months, Haus and P&G Ventures had struck up a deal to share information and explore the possibilities of working together. We dove into the product formula and research. Worked with the Amazon sales team to put together a marketing plan. And pulled in QA experts to evaluate safety.

We uncovered a major issue

If not treated carefully, natural, botanical extracts can experience pesticide, fertilizer, fungus, or yeast problems. That means, microbial contamination might show up weeks or even months after the product was produced and sitting on a shelf. “We didn’t have the background to know that,” said Mike. But after a couple of months, P&G experts figured out a way to modify the formula to make it less hospitable to microbes. We even changed the entire manufacturing process to avoid contamination in the first place.

Once resolved, we struck a win/win deal

A.G. Laffley, P&G’s CEO, was so excited he wanted to buy the company outright. But Mike wanted desired to stay involved. So, P&G put together a contract and had one of our financial analysts walk Mike through the assumptions, line by line.

By the end of the afternoon, we agreed on a new deal.


And we’re only getting started

Bodewell has successfully progressed through P&G Ventures Discover and Create phases onto the Build phase within the M13 Launchpad. Currently located in Santa Monica, Bodewell continues the growth for both their breakthrough products and a supportive consumer wellness community. By leveraging M13’s expertise and proven platform, they’re developing into a high-velocity business that could eventually be folded back into P&G.