I don't want to talk about it


When it comes to menopause, that is the status quo. We don’t want to talk about it. We assume that what we’re feeling is just “aging,” and we carry on suffering in silence and confusion. As a result, a normal physiological phase of life for half of the population is swept under the rug.

Of course, when we talk about menopause, we’re talking about a phase that every biological woman on the planet is designed to go through. It can present itself with any of 34 different physiological symptoms. Even our doctors are often ill-equipped to diagnose and discuss it.

The world was desperately ready for a new approach.

Unparalleled science for a forgotten category

In 2013, P&G picked up the torch and began developing a line of products aimed at equipping women with natural, effective solutions to address the symptoms surrounding menopause. Eight years of development resulted in a mountain of data and insight about not just the product, but this category as a whole. It became clear that the solution wasn’t just a product alone, but a company—a team—that could also work to break the taboo around menopause and truly begin to educate women about what was actually happening to their bodies.

It was into that opportunity that Kindra was born.

Growing at hyperspeed

When Kindra launched, two things were immediately clear. One, they were a tiny team attempting to tackle a global problem. No matter how good the product or how capable that team, they couldn’t do it on their own. Thankfully, they didn’t have to—they had the support of two key partners from day one. On one side, M13 stepped in with tactical support and strategic connections, helping Kindra chart a path from launch to continued growth. On the other side, P&G Ventures came alongside to help solve the challenges of scale—such as supply chain help, sourcing ingredients, or brand insights—that otherwise would have been out of Kindra’s reach.

Building brand love

But it didn’t stop there. Kindra also realized from the beginning that the task in front of them involved way more than just getting a product to shelves. It was about changing the conversation—or in this case, starting the conversation—for a whole category. It was about equipping women with the insight of what was happening in their own bodies, and the words to communicate their needs to those around them. As a result, it is not just Kindra’s products that are changing lives, but the very brand itself.

And we’re only getting started

Kindra became the first P&G Ventures Studio to move into M13’s foundry program, Launchpad, to grow both the company and the community. As a result, this successful DTC brand now emerges as an independent company with a platform and experts to create a thriving, sustainable business. Kindra just closed a $4.5 million seed funding round to build this new market of menopause products that hasn’t existed before.