It's technology solving a problem


Everyone has hyper-pigmentation—the spots on our skin that develop as we age. It’s a remarkably common condition with remarkably difficult, inconsistent solutions. Treatments to remove the spots? They’re expensive and don’t work for everyone. Makeup to cover them? It’s difficult to match your skin and requires you to cover your face in product.

We needed a better, smarter solution

Because at the core, what we really need is something that lets us put just the right amount of product on just the right spots that need it. Something that could tell where the spots were, treat them, and leave the rest of our skin untouched. Of course, this was no small undertaking—in fact, it took 15 years of research, of testing, of developing unique, never-before-seen technology. Yet at the end of that journey, we finally had a product that could deliver on that initial need. But that was just the start.

“This device is genius.”

Put simply, Opte was Photoshop for the human face—and the results (and reactions) were astounding. A device like this is transformative not just for someone’s skin care routine, but for how their whole self image. Consumers weren’t talking about how they looked anymore…they were talking about how they felt. Something this powerful needed to be in the hands of as many people as possible, and to do that, Opte needed to grow—and fast.

After all, it’s one thing to develop a life-changing product, and another thing entirely to get it out into the world. For that, Opte would need some partners.

“A startup born on second base.”

The great enemy of all startups is time. There’s never enough time to do everything—to handle product issues, make connections, develop marketing and branding, build a team, and so on. Thankfully, the Opte team wasn’t alone. They were able to rely on P&G Ventures for help tackling complex organizational issues like supply chain, consumer research, or branding development. What’s more, they could rely on M13 to help make more connections, create strategy for scale, and tap into a wide network of wisdom and insight they could never have reached on their own.

And we’re only getting started

Opte has now successfully moved from its Build Phase at the M13 LaunchPad to create and scale the company into a high-velocity business. In 2020, Opte won the CES Innovation Award Product, and in 2021, became one of Fast Company’s Ten Most Innovative Beauty Companies. Taking the beauty industry by storm, Opte continues to win numerous awards: Allure Best of Beauty, New Beauty Innovation, Essence Best in Black Beauty, Game Changer Award for Holy Grail Beauty Products, Harpers Best Skincare Anti-Aging, and Elle’s Future of Beauty.