Mike Centola

Mike Centola | MetaDerm

I watched my family—and later myself—get treated for autoimmune symptoms and it was like throwing a dart against the wall. We needed something that didn’t exist: evidence-based natural medicine. Research at the complex, pharmaceutical grade level. It wasn’t there. So we partnered with P&G Ventures and set out to change that.

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Shayne Weatherall

Shayne Weatherall | ZEVO

Sometimes large companies want to partner with you so they can take the competition you bring off the market. It’s just something you always have to watch out for, so we were really careful. We didn’t care how big our partner was, we just wanted an aligned vision. P&G Ventures shared it. And they can take what we do and accelerate it in a huge, resonating, and lasting way. Today, when our team sees Zevo on the shelf in Target and Home Depot—it’s just really meaningful and rewarding.

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