Startup studio model

Startup studios aren’t a passing trend. They’re here to stay.

You’ve heard of an incubator, accelerator, and a VC firm. You may even have some personal experience with them. They all have their benefits for startups like yours. But we’d love to introduce you to a new idea—it’s a startup itself, in a way. We call it the startup studio.

A startup studio is built to turn your big idea into a big business. Whatever your goal, a startup studio provides you with the end-to-end support and resources you need to reach your ambition—whether that’s becoming a local icon or reaching a global scale.

What’s different about a startup studio? Let’s look at what the traditional startup helpers do: An incubator allows you to generate and test ideas quickly; accelerators are great for gaining rapid funding, expertise, and hopefully traction; and VC firms get you capital and advisors to keep you afloat as you work through growing pains.

But what if you could have all of that under one roof? Plus, established resources like a design team, marketing team, and more. That’s a startup studio. Sound like it could help you? That’s what we hope!

Startup studios are not only disrupting industries but even disrupting the very way startups start up.

Execution is essential. Funding is foundational. But there could be more. This is why we want our startup studio to bring even more to the table for you. 

Like what? Access to some of the world’s top scientists. A global manufacturing and supply chain network. The ability to pick up the phone and get a meeting with a major retailer.


Innovation and partnership: our two main goals to disrupt the market.

If we know anything about anything, it’s how to help build big brands. Just take a look at Tide, Swiffer, and Febreze. But we know we don’t know everything about everything. Which is why we also know when and why to partner.

In our business units such as Home Care, Baby Care, Digestive Wellness, and more, we make sure innovation is at the heart of each one. We encourage employees to share and pursue innovative ideas within their categories. 

But there’s so much more out there! So we need an approach for all the categories that we don’t currently play in. And that’s where you come in!


Our strategy: a startup studio to help you with your disruptive idea!

P&G Ventures is a startup studio with handpicked experts who are fully dedicated to creating the next billion-dollar brand in key focus areas, including:

  • Active aging
  • Non-toxic insect solutions
  • Personal performance
  • Balanced protection
  • Enhanced sleep
  • Women’s wellness
  • Emerging frontiers

So, if you’re an entrepreneur, startup, or inventor with a disruptive idea within one of these spaces, our startup studio could be the perfect partnership for you!

What if you’re not a CPG startup? Well, there are startup studios focused on all industries, from gaming to media to tech. We think you could benefit from a startup studio regardless of your industry because of a few clear advantages.

Startup studios are in it for the long haul

The idea of an intense three-month accelerator program or a $500,000 VC investment may sound pretty exciting, but what happens when time runs out and the money’s spent? 

Startup studios aren’t just there for a particular time or dollar amount; we’re here to ensure your success.

It takes a village to raise a startup

Your idea is your baby, and it takes a lot of effort to raise your startup independently. There’s something to be said about learning from other people’s mistakes. And we’ve made a few, so we can help you get past yours—or avoid them altogether. That’s the power of having smart, dedicated people behind you throughout the process.

Startup studios are fast, agile, and collaborative—just like a startup should be

Test, learn, and fail quickly. Be first to market. These are just a handful of characteristics that startups embody, and it’s only logical that startup studios have a similar spirit. 

Startups (and startup studios) are built around people

A unicorn isn’t just a startup with a billion-dollar valuation. A unicorn is also synonymous with a special kind of person who wears multiple hats, thrives in unstructured situations, and has that Midas touch. Ask any founder and they’ll tell you the same thing: a company is only as good as its people. 

When you look at an enterprise startup studio like ours at P&G Ventures, you’ll see that we focus on the who versus the what. People like Leigh Radford, Betsy Bluestone, and Lauren Thaman were handpicked. Their expertise is undeniable, and their commitment and passion for innovation are unmatched.

Startup studios have a reliable infrastructure

Even though each startup may be incredibly different from the next, we’ve built a powerful muscle memory from growing brands. Yes, you want to make your own. And you can do that even better by benefiting from people who have already done that.

Will there be roadblocks and speed bumps along the way? Oh, yeah. There will be. But a startup studio has the processes and tools to help you get over them and drive forward.

For us, it’s our Discover, Create, Build process.

  • Discover: This phase is all about research, creative problem solving, understanding consumer tensions, and running small experiments in the real market to see what sticks or fails. It’s the time for risk, tweaking business models, tapping into expert panels and resources. It’s where something goes from zero to interesting. 
  • Create: This is the time for moving from leap-of-faith possibilities into a real plan. It’s a collaborative process that turns your idea into a functioning, growing business.
  • Build: As key milestones are hit, you’re not just growing a business anymore. You’re building a brand with a massive, global-growth engine behind it.


Startup studio partnerships are often customizable

Some startup investors make a clear-cut offer—something like 10% of your company for $100,000. Good deal? Maybe it is for you, maybe not. The thing is, most incubators, accelerators, and VC firms have already decided which deals and terms they’re willing to make. 

On the other hand, startup studios can offer a broad range of varying levels and types of support. Since the goal is a mutually beneficial partnership, it’s more about figuring out what works for you, not shoehorning you into a particular arrangement.

We’re interested in hearing your answers to questions like these.

  • Are you looking to stay involved in your business for a long time or hoping for a quick acquisition?
  • Are you willing to give up equity? How much?
  • Are you a serial entrepreneur who’d rather spend time coming up with new ideas than running a company?
  • Are you an inventor who has a patent but no business experience?

The list of considerations goes on and on. In our startup studio, we take pride in having the ability to create a customizable partnership that fits you perfectly. After all, there’s no better handshake than one that represents a true win/win. You get access to our robust network and categories, and we get to do what we do best—help you grow into a valuable brand that improves consumers’ lives.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur, inventor, or startup with a big, disruptive idea, then chances are you may want a big, disruptive startup studio to have your back with advice, funding, and a dedicated team—all under one roof. You don’t have to build your dream alone. With the right partner, your startup can start up better.

To learn more about how P&G’s startup studio can help make your ideas into reality, visit