Marketing reports on a table at P&G Venture’s branding studio

Helping partners forge long-lasting brands and relationships with consumers 


We understand that branding is the single most important element of any business because it is the contract of trust and promise to an individual, group, or community that’s told through stories and enduring relationships. The who, what, and why of your product.  


Without great branding, your amazing product could disappear into oblivion without touching the lives you want to change. P&G Ventures doesn’t want that to happen to you or the consumers. Which is why we’re partnering with entrepreneurs like you to bring incredible products from the tender stage of birth to the robust stage of a long, healthy life. 


We’ll help you in all things branding 


The world of branding can be confusing. Sometimes, it’s hard to even know where to start. You can do all the research you want, but it’s always changing. So much has changed in the last 20 years — how we find products, how we decide to buy them. How we communicate and build community. It’s new almost every day.  


At P&G, we’ve been working on understanding those things from the beginning. We invented Brand Management and we’re still leading it today, so we know that your vision, mission, purpose, and more all rely on the brand. Marketing and branding are the #1 thing that we’re recognized for. Creating brand love is our obsession and the key to our success.  


Since the brand is the cornerstone of your product’s success, it’s crucial to get it right. When you’re just getting started, you’re probably way more focused on things like formulas, ingredients, source materials, and manufacturing. Not on what colors your packaging should be or what messaging you should promote to consumers and retailers. And that’s okay! 


When you partner with P&G Ventures, you don’t have to be an expert on how to build, manage, or market a brand. Especially when things are changing all the time. You can’t learn it all now, and you don’t have to because we’re here with experts in all things branding.  


You’ll have access to experts for those first precious steps of bringing your product to market and beyond. We even understand the world of D2C, which is critical in the early stages of new brands like yours. With us, you’ll have a whole stream of development, communications, PR, marketing, and design experts who are all focused on finding what’s best for your brand. 


From changing the name of your product to tweaking the way a bottle looks, we can help you figure out all those brand-driven decisions. We’ll tailor the process to you and your product, because we want to help you achieve your goals. Each product has a unique brand challenge, and yours is no exception.  


There is no one size fits all. 


While every brand we partner with eventually goes through the same rigorous development process, we also know there isn’t just one way to bring new brands to life. At P&G Ventures, we’re taking a different approach because our partners need the process to be fast and efficient — direct-to-consumer (D2C). 


We help you learn a little, sell a little, learn a little, sell a little more. That’s where you have expertise from P&G Ventures. We focus on how you can and should uniquely bring these products to market. We get that you need to build a brand differently than you did 20 years ago, so all our partners’ journeys are completely customized. 


One of the ways we’re able to do that is by having a CEO, an expert team, and a dedicated department for each of our focus areas. That means no matter what area of function your product falls into, you have a specialized team of brand folks that are devoted to your product’s specific area.  


We’re always working on learning what kinds of stories build relationships between the brand and the consumer. Even before a brand is invented, our experts are out in the field and finding and studying the personal stories that build brand love and loyalty. They then bring all that insight back to you and your product. 


As an entrepreneur, you get to partner with an expert in branding that has already been thinking about your niche in the market, never some homogenized version of your product’s broader category. We also have relationships with experts in each facet of marketing and branding, and we’re eager to connect you with them. 


Find your who, make your promise, build your trust 


The success formula for P&G branding is that you must find your “Who” and understand them at a deep level. Who is your product for? What are you proposing that your brand can do for them? And what promise are you making with your product?  


From there, you need a name, a design, and a message that will all communicate to consumers in a way that makes them listen. And, of course, you need a product that keeps the promise so that your consumers learn to believe what you say and trust that you’re not just marketing to their pocketbooks.  


When you’re partnering with us at P&G Ventures, we understand that you’re literally starting from nothing. We build this whole premise together from the ground up, always speaking to the head and heart of the consumer. 


Because in the end, people are loyal to brands whose promises are kept, time and time again. It’s about being there for your consumer however and whenever they need you — in the same way that we want to be there for you. 


This is where we fall in love 


P&G is the inventor and steward of branding and forging long-lasting trusted relationships with consumers. At P&G Ventures, we not only want to help you start that love affair with your consumers, we want to build that long-term relationship with you 


By partnering with us, you’re welcomed into a culture where the amount of advocacy we give your brand defies logic. We want to use our capabilities to make sure your brand is still keeping its promises to consumers years from now, in the same way we will still want to be with you years from now. 


Creating lasting brands is a long-term strategic plan, and that takes relationships. It takes an ability to work with a multitude of specialties. We’ll be working together to get your brand off the ground and so much more after that.  


We have experts at all levels of marketing and branding and not just building new brands. You’ll have relationships with experts in growing brands to a new level, because we’ve built an entire model to help you accomplish that when you get there.  


At P&G Ventures, we’re built to help you with all the brand and marketing elements that you need to discover, create, and build your idea into a long-lasting success. We’re ready to nurture you as you learn to crawl, walk, and then run on your own. Because that’s love, and we love our partners. 


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