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P&G is home to some of the world's most iconic brands. At P&G Ventures, we create new brands that help people live life better.

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We’re the place where innovation happens and category-disrupting brands are born. We work to solve unmet consumer needs with new, iconic products, and then shape them to become the next billion-dollar brands.

Pest control, therapeutic skin care, pet parenting, and automotive – this is where we play. We’re creating the future of the consumer packaged goods industry.

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Pest Control

Close up of manicured hands applying Bodewell moisturizing lotion.


Laughing woman in sandals petting leashed chocolate Labrador retriever.

Pet Parenting

Front driver side view of a sports car.


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We work with inventors, startups and new businesses. We combine the magic of P&G's 180+ year legacy with the passion of entrepreneurs to provide extraordinary solutions that break through new spaces.


At P&G Ventures, passion and creativity know no bounds. Every thought, idea and product lives in the hearts and minds of our extraordinary team. Meet some of the humans responsible for creating the future of the consumer packaged goods industry.​

Emma Klingman in a Lab Holding a Jar
quotation mark I love solving difficult problems and finding the sweet spot between delivering a delightful experience for the consumer while growing the brand and category. It’s incredible to be part of team Zevo where we transform ideas into real-life products on shelf to delight consumers.
Emma Klingman
Group Scientist, Zevo
Sydnee Ruff Portrait
quotation mark We know the right skincare solutions can be game changers for consumers struggling with eczema, and dry and itchy skin. That's why creating Bodewell was like cultivating a garden for us -- it required a careful selection of ingredients, precise formulation, and consistent nurturing to bring to life today’s unique formula.
Sydnee Ruff
Associate Scientist, Bodewell
Joe Bacon Headshot
quotation mark Innovation is not just about meeting existing needs, but also creating new desires and possibilities to help people live better. Here at P&G Ventures, I can confidently say that we get the opportunity to do just that everyday!
Joe Bacon
Senior Brand Manager, Zevo


P&G Ventures takes talent to new heights. Our coaches and teams work together to fuel innovation and break the mold every single day. They empower visionaries to make magic happen. Meet our coaches:

Guy Persaud portrait
Guy Persaud

President, New Business Unit

Naazli Sado portrait
Naazli Sado

Vice President, Human Resources, Business Acceleration, and Communications, New Business Unit

Mike Jensen portrait
Mike Jensen

Senior Vice President, R&D, P&G Ventures

Chetan Parekh portrait
Chetan Parekh

Vice President, Brand, P&G Ventures

Harold Dager portrait
Harold Dager

Vice President, Brand, P&G Ventures

Andy Butler portrait
Andy Butler

Vice President, Product Supply, New Business Unit

Mercedes Martinez portrait
Mercedes Martinez

Senior Director, Product Supply, P&G Ventures

Debashish Mukherjee portrait
Deb Mukherjee

Vice President, Finance & Accounting, New Business Unit

Helen Yen portrait
Helen Yen

Vice President, R&D, P&G Ventures

Aaron Steele portrait
Aaron Steele

Senior Director, Analytics & Insights, P&G Ventures

David Silvestain portrait
David Silvestain

Vice President, Sales, P&G Ventures

Bid Miyahara portrait
Bud Miyahara

Senior Director, Information Technology, P&G Ventures

Scott Popham portrait
Scott Popham

Senior Director, Communications, New Business Unit

Luke Snider portrait
Luke Snider

Senior Director, Design, P&G Ventures

Michelle Varney portrait
Michelle Varney

Director, Product Supply, P&G Ventures

Brian Burgdorf portrait
Brian Burgdorf

Senior Director - R&D, P&G Ventures